Clear Trace Financial

Fee-Only with YOUR Interest FIRST

Why do you need a financial planner?

The world is becoming more financially complex.

Do you need an objective, third-party opinion?
Have you entered into an annuity contract and need to get out?
Do you understand your options in your 401(k)?
Have you recently left your job?
Are you considering early retirement?
  1. Retirement Income and Planning
    Are you comfortable in your present lifestyle? You may be able to maintain that same lifestyle in retirement if you plan properly. Are you taking too much or not enough risk to get where you want to be? Do you know strategies to maximize your Social Security Income?
  2. Death of Spouse or Partner
    Your financial well-being is inevitably tied to your spouse or partner. Changes must be made when those circumstances change. You can make big mistakes without proper financial understanding.
  3. Higher Education
    Education costs continue to ride faster than inflation. And you do not want to saddle your children with student debt if at all possible. The sooner you address this the less of a burden it will be.
  4. Birth of a Child
    The average cost to raise a child in the United States is over $275,000. Need we say more?
  5. Marriage
    More divorces are a result of money conflicts than any other single issue. Make sure you and your spouse are working toward the same goals. A third party can also help negotiate a path to achieve your individual goals.
  6. Divorce
    Just as marriage changes you, divorce can devastate your finances. Often you need help keeping emotion out of your financial decisions.
  7. Estate Planning
    You should be in control of your final wishes. Be pro-active and make sure your loved ones and legacy is protected from taxes and predatory institutions. Who would receive your assets with an obsolete will or none at all?
  8. Healthcare
    Healthcare costs are increasingly becoming a large part of your budget. Should you plan for assisted living? Should you purchase disability insurance?
  9. Insurance
    Insurance is the passing of risk to a third party. Are you under or over insured? Do you have the correct coverage? Is your family protected? Are your beneficiaries up to date?