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Fee-Only with YOUR Interest FIRST


We provide financial and business advice without any commissions. This ensures that your results are unbiased. As a fiduciary, you can be sure that the service we provide has YOUR interest FIRST. Explore this site for more information, contact us, or schedule an appointment.

We have decided that the fee-only  approach is best for our firm. No conflicts of interest, commissions, or other distractions that are part of the transactional financial services firm. We are a REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISOR, and as such, by law, must place our clients' interest above our own. Our fees are completely disclosed to you.

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  1. Retirement Planning
    We analyze your assets, income, and liabilities. We can create a plan to see if you are or will be ready for retirement or need further assistance. A long term plan is created to reach the goals that you have made.
  2. Investments
    We can assist you in structuring a financial portfolio that can achieve your life planning goals. Everyone has different tolerances for risk. We work with you to determine the mix of investments that are appropriate.
  3. Education planning
    The cost of higher education continues to outpace inflation. You must have a plan to tackle this increasing part of an ongoing budget and plan.
  4. Tax Planning
    Tax Planning
    Tax-loss harvesting, capital gains, deferred income...what does it all mean. How does it fit into your plan?
Fiduciary Service

We operate as a fiduciary, which means your interest comes above all else.

We offer a variety of financial services such as investment management, comprehensive financial planning, estate planning, organizing financial documents, and technical assistance to help you "get connected" to your financial institutions. Please contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss if we are the right fit.

Fixed Fee Options

Investment Management

Comprehensive Plans

We can perform individual engagements such as 401(k) or tax reviews.
These projects are very specific and usually are one-time events.
The task determines the price.
Our most popular option, we make recommendations on your investment portfolio based upon thorough risk tolerance profiling and your long term goals.
This service combines Investment Management and additional services such as Insurance, Estate, Tax, and Education Planning.